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Multisig Wallet

The OtterClam DAO contract is guarded by a gnosis safe multisig implementation. The OtterClam DAO gnosis safe address will hold all the treasury funds accumulated.

Below is the OtterClam gnosis safe, where the latest version represents the currently active address.

Safe Signers

  • Otter King(Founder): 0x63B0fB7FE68342aFad3D63eF743DE4A74CDF462B
  • Dang(Dev): 0x1BE4BbAF1b232F5180F2d3306269F8E446bC0A4f
  • d0c0q(Dev): 0x016bC76CD93b6e2E026bA3130B1DC30098Ebfe9E
  • Epi(Community Lead): 0x9b1E7Ef890f60E6BA9c75dBc0bd30201C72d6788
  • Dungaboo(Marketing Lead): 0x691ED7E05F7Dab34db99d3b4167f6164EE97eC6E
  • mALc(Mod): 0x201d9E5C0f599bF3A2f565fE8F68cCe6A05db3f5
  • QiDao: 0xc96ea79A32Ec5B74A25b15Bb331a03BcFF424d6D


The DAO contract is guarded by a 4 of 7 multi-sig policy. Requiring any transaction to make changes to the DAO must be approved by at least 4 stakeholders of the total 7 stakeholders within the multisig policy.