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How to buy and stake CLAM

What is CLAM?

CLAM is a Polygon-based token that supports the entire OtterClam ecosystem. From staking and bonding mechanisms, to governance and PAW Market purchases, CLAM is the de facto currency behind every transaction in the Otter Kingdom.

The Polygon network is a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Although Polygon was created to alleviate traffic from the Ethereum network and allow smooth interactions between the two blockchains, it's naive token, MATIC, is now considered to be so unique that it no longer meets the ERC-20 standard.

Since CLAM is built on Polygon, you'll need to acquire some $MATIC first.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to buy CLAM from exchanges or other chains.

From Exchanges

There are many exchanges support Polygon withdrawal. Here is a list:

You can find more CEXs on here

Buy $CLAM on QuickSwap

  1. Get some $MATICs from CEX listed above
  2. Go to 1inch, the dex aggregator on the Polygon network
  3. Connect to your Metamask and select Polygon
  4. Add & switch network to Polygon in metamask\
  5. Withdraw MATIC from the exchange you use for your wallet. The wallet address should be the same as the one you have for Ethereum.
  6. Swap some $MATIC to **$CLAM**. Attention: Don’t swap all! You should save some $MATIC for future gas fees, 0.1~1 $MATIC is enough for plenty of transactions.
  7. Go to Ottopia webapp
  8. Approve & Stake all your $CLAMs.
  9. Sit and chill.

Trading for CLAM from other chains

  1. Follow the above steps to add the Polygon network to your metamask.
  2. Get some $MATIC as for gas fees from the Matic faucet or
  3. Bridge your assets to Polygon with one of the following bridges:




Other chains Bridge