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Adventure Leaderboard - Season 1

Adventure Leaderboard - Season 1


Another farming game is coming! After Raking for Rarity, Ottopia has once again launched a new farming system — Adventure Leaderboard!

The more adventures your Otto NFT completes, the higher its ranking will be on the leaderboard. The higher your Otto NFT’s rank is, the more rewards you'll receive – so assess your risk tolerance and embark on your adventure!

How to play

Send your Ottos to the adventure and get the Adventure Points (AP). Your accumulated AP for each round determines your ranking on the leaderboard. Collect your fish rewards!

What are the Adventure Points? How can I get them?

Unlike in Raking for Rarity where the metric for climbing the leaderboard is the total Rarity Score, the Adventure Leaderboard uses Adventure Points as the metric. The amount of AP you have earned during each epoch determines your ranking on the leaderboard.

As long as your Otto NFT successfully completes an Adventure, your Otto NFT would receive Adventure Points from the area. The amount of Adventure Points you get correspond to the difficulty as shown in the chart below.

Area DifficultyAdventure Points (AP)

Take note that Adventure Points will be erased and reset at the end of each epoch of the Adventure Competition. Everyone starts each epoch on equal footing. This way, the most adventurous Otto NFTs during the epoch will be rewarded the most.


The reward of the Adventure Competition is in $FISH. We are preparing a total of 10 million $FISH for this season! Each epoch’s reward will be 2.5 million $FISH.

Start going on adventures with your Otto NFT gang and earn these juicy $FISH!

Fish reward

To learn more about Adventure Points and how the advenuture system works, please go to Adventure.