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Media & Branding Guideline


All content published by OtterClam is owned by various rights holders. Any data associated with OtterClam shall always be accompanied by the OtterClam brand. In partner integrations, the full logo (icon + wordmark) must always be used. An icon may be used instead under certain conditions as stated below.

OtterClam Logo

The OtterClam logo was created by a passionate founding Otter. It is crucial that the logo is always applied with respect to these guidelines.

OtterClam Logo

🎨 Download Logo Assets Here:

{% file src="./img/OtterClam" %}

Primary Logo

OtterClam’s primary logo is a horizontally placed icon+wordmark. This shall be used across primary brand applications.

Primary Logo

OtterClam’s secondary logo is a vertically placed icon+wordmark. It may be used instead of the primary logo if it better suits the associated media. However, it should never be placed directly next to the primary logo.

Secondary Logo

OtterClam Icon

As mentioned above, the full logo must be used unless the conditions permitting the usage of an icon alone applies. The conditions are as follows:

  1. The OtterClam name has been displayed in plain text, and
  2. There is not enough space for the full logo

It is important to note that the icon may be displayed without the wordmark; but the wordmark may never be displayed without the icon.

OtterClam Icon

Logo Color Variants

The proper color variant to be used depends on the background of the medium. The logo with wordmark in Otter-Black should only be used on a white or light background. The logo with wordmark in white should only be used on a black or dark background. You can use a monochrome logo if the colored one does not fit in the place you apply to.

Exclusion zone

The logo and the icon’s exclusion zone is ⅓ the height of the icon (marked as × in the diagram).

Exclusion zone

Minimum size

To ensure legibility, an OtterClam logo must be applied at a minimum size as indicated below.

Minimum Size

Logo misuse

The appearance of the logo must be consistent. Hence, it must not be misinterpreted or modified in any way. The applications of the logo must remain consistent with the guidelines. There are no exceptions.

Logo Misuse

Tokens of OtterClam

The following guidelines must be complied with upon usage of token icons provided by OtterClam.

Tokens of OtterClam

🎨 Download Token Assets Here:

{% file src="./img/OtterClam" %}

CLAM token

The CLAM token icon depicts a clam from the frontal plane. Using the token icon must always include the clam and the gray circle.

sCLAM token

The sCLAM token icon depicts an opened clam from the dorsal plane, with a pearl in it. Using this icon must always include the opened clam, the pearl, and the gray circle.

PEARL token

The PEARL token icon is depicts a pearl. Using this token icon must always include the pearl and the gray circle.

OtterClam’s Colors

Color is an integral part of brand identity. Consistent use of the color palette will not only reinforce the cohesiveness of the brand, but also communicate a certain branding position to the users.

Color Palette

Most of the colors used are Otter Black and Light Gray 100.

Otter Blue and Clam Pink can be used as highlights, but both of them should not occupy more than 4% and 1% in the canvas.

Logos and naming restrictions

The logos of other organizations shall not include, or look similar to OtterClam’s logo or any of its brand elements (e.g. the clam, the otter, and the pearl). It is prohibited to incorporate OtterClam’s trademarks, in whole or in part, in the name of another organization’s product, application, service, or website.


The font Gilroy is used in the OtterClam logo and all related branding materials.

Gilroy font and typeface style

Thank you!

If you are having trouble with anything in this guide or unsure about which approach best represents the OtterClam brand, please contact the OtterClam design team at Discord.